When to Visit Doctor for Tackling ankle pain from running 

Ankle Pain From Running: Reasons, Treatment, And Recovery - The Wired Runner

Ankle problems have always bothered the runners. Every step that you take will exert pressure and weight on your ankles. Eventually, this can be the reason for pain and injuries. There are basically four primary culprits that are the causes for ankle pain from running [KDMS]:

  1. Tendinitis
  2. Stress fracture
  3. Ankle sprain
  4. Ankle strain


Sometimes, home remediation works, but at other times, you must visit the doctor to ensure that the problem does not transform into some serious issue. Before getting into further discussion, you should know when to visit the doctor in case of ankle pain.


When to visit the doctor


Most of you already know that when you experience pain in the ankle after running, you must take a day’s rest or even wait further to allow the pain to subside. It can be from general stress on the muscles while running. But when the pain lasts for more than three days, and you can’t run properly even after taking a rest for a week, you must visit the orthopedic. There must be some problem when you can’t even put the entire body weight on the ankle. Instability of numbness in the ankle will be a sure sign of some major issue. Sometimes, you can even develop an infection as the ankle becomes very red or there are red streaks extending from the point of injury. 


Treating the pain


Whenever you start experiencing pain in the ankles after running, you have to reduce the stress on the ankle and allow the body to heal with time. Be at rest for at least 48 to 72 hours. Strat applying ice pack as soon as possible to improve the swelling. The application of ice packs for 15 to 20 minutes is good for the panels if you can repeat it four to eight times a day. Compression sleeves with a special design to support the ankles are good. 


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