Reducing Fatal Fires in NYS Homes – Mandated Fire Sprinkler Systems As a strategy

The objective of this research would be to evaluate data from fatal fires in a single- and 2-family residences occurring in New You are able to Condition from 2000 through 2006. This helps identify factors to summarize when the suggested mandate to set up fire sprinkler systems in recently built homes is the greatest plan of action to lessen fire deaths.

The majority of the data was acquired with the Freedom of knowledge Law (FOIL) process in the Condition of recent You are able to Department of State’s Office of fireside Prevention and Control’s (OFPC’s) Fire Reporting Unit. Information provided have been posted to OFPC in different amounts of completeness by a number of municipality and firefighting sources after fatal fires. Extra house age data was compiled through HomeInfoMax, a web-based real estate site.

An Stand out spreadsheet was created compiling the next information: name from the volunteer fire department available in the fire, quantity of deaths, year home was built and residential address. A summation of total deaths and also the average chronilogical age of the dwelling were calculated for that seven year data period.


There have been 495 fatalities at 389 locations in New You are able to within the subject period. Complete data was readily available for 123 sites (31.6%) which most likely represent a statistically significant sample by which to draw sufficient preliminary conclusions. Particularly, the sample implies that the homes where a fatal fire happened were built, typically, in 1940. Since improved building practices can lead to safer homes, and evolving building codes consider and reflect a few of these practices, the years from the subject homes give a particularly significant section of analysis. Probably the most significant fire-related alterations in building codes was the mandating of smoke discovering alarm devices in New York’s new house construction back in 1984, that is referenced below being an important milestone within the data reviewed. It was strengthened in 1995 when hard-wired alarms with battery back-up grew to become mandatory for those new homes.

From the sample homes getting fatal fires, 106 or 86.2% were built just before 1984, before New York’s smoke discovering alarm mandate. There have been 139 those who died during these fires, representing 88.5% from the deaths incorporated within the sample. As many as 23 occurrences of multiple fatalities happened within this group. Multiple deaths happened just once within the sample homes built after 1984. The sample includes only eleven fatalities in homes built-in 10 year period between 1997 and 2006. Clearly, every dying is heartbreaking however this information may suggest that an amount of safety continues to be achieved in newer homes that will minimize the need for fire sprinkler systems when all factors are thought.

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