How Do You Guard Against Online Predators?

We are living in a time where 90% of the people have access to the internet. Websites have allowed access to both children, adults and the aged. As a result of this, predators have emerged and are targeting the children.

In definition, online predators are adults who use internet to stalk and take advantage of children. In most cases, these predators target children who are lonely, have low self-esteem and are unguarded on the internet. They easily stalk them as such children tend to post their stories and fears.

On realizing this, rules have been set, which are aimed at protecting the children. These could be written or unwritten, while others could be people who have devoted themselves to protecting the children. These are generally referred to as 안전놀이터.

How then do you guard your children and yourself from cyber/online predators?

  1. Talk to your children about online predators

While not everyone on the internet is a predator, the risk is still there. There are chances that your child might come across one, hence the need for preparation for the unforeseen. These among others are some of the tips that will help them stay guarded:

  • Let them use their names and pictures and keep them as common a s possible. This is because using suggestive names and photos may attract predators.
  • You do not have to be suggestive of everyone, though you ought to be wary of anyone who is flattering.
  • Avoid people who want to get too personal or engage in suspicious discussions.
  • Avoid trusting people so fast. Most of these online users are not who they say they are. They may use children profiles and add other pictures just to lure you into a relationship.
  • It is dangerous to arrange for a physical meeting with someone you met online. If possible, cut the connection and turn down their request.
  • Report cases of persons who make you uncomfortable in any way, online. You could as well save any emails, messages or other means of communication as they will be needed as evidence. This should be reported to either your parent or any trustworthy adult.
  1. Know what your Children are doing online

It is not enough to talk to your children about online predators. At times, it would be more effective if you visit their pages and scroll through their phones for check-up. Of course you have to do this with their consent, otherwise you will be invading their privacy. This is important as you could notice some red flags that the kid cannot.

  1. Take precautions while online

Other than children becoming victims, you could as well fall into a trap. You have to be cautious when using the internet. Like discussed in the first point, be wary of anyone who gets too personal. Likewise, avoid arranging for physical meetings and lastly, avoid sharing personal details with strangers.


Safety is crucial to all internet users. Whether an adult or a child, you have to take care of yourself and be keen so as to tell apart a predator from a genuine user.

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