Electronic Health Records – How you can Improve Productivity With the Dictation Process

Electronic health records are certainly the talk round the medical office water cooler nowadays. Medical offices who’re thinking about going electronic often hear that EHRs cause you to less productive and also have lengthy implementation schedules. But the amount of your productivity really suffers? The treatment depends on whether your practice decides to utilize a point and click on method or integrate a clinical transcription service to your EHRs.

By integrating medical transcription services to your electronic health records, physicians no more need to document an individual’s condition by pointing and clicking at pre-assigned groups that just tell area of the story. Comprehensives research has proven a substantial lack of productivity once they choose this type of point and click on system over integrating traditional dictation to their electronic health record. The best way to improve productivity while switching would be to integrate medical transcription services into electronic health records. It’s as easy as that.

Are you aware that determined and transcribed documents constitute over fifty percent of the health record? Most health records have a doctor’s verbal description of the patient’s condition that can’t be narrowed lower towards the predefined groups from the point and click on system available through many electronic health records. Doctors cannot tell the entire story having a point and click on system in their own individual words. The greater time they spend wrestling using the vague groups from the point and click on system, the a shorter period they need to invest in the individual.

Most physicians who result in the switch via a point and click on system will observe that they’ll spend a minimum of one or two more hrs each day on documentation alone. They’ll also finish up seeing two to four less patients each day after they have switched. This sort of difference often means a loss of revenue in excess of a 1000 dollars per week for each physician. Within the situation of point and click on methods, EHRs be a step backwards in physician productivity.

Should you stay with traditional dictation process inside your EHRs, its requires a physician only two minutes speaking right into a dvr what can take ten minutes to record using the point and click on method. This time around results in less care the physician can provide each patient, less patients that may be seen, and fewer money the doctor practice makes throughout each day, all within the push to change to EHRs.

The reality, however, is you really do not have to quit the dictation process whenever you result in the transition to electronic health records. Simply integrate dictation services into a digital format. Physicians don’t have to become familiar with a new process, they are able to use their very own language to explain an individual’s condition, and they’ve additional time to determine that patient.

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